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Name (cant include any spaces, must include an underscore)




Enter your preferred app name on the AppStore

Enter a description for the AppStore. This is usually 2-3 paragraphs long and explains the apps features. See an app description on the AppStore for an example.

Create an icon for your app. To do this select an image you want to use for your icon, then upload it to https://appicon.co. This will generate a folder with icons. Email the folder contents to vacsubmittedapps@gmail.com. The subject line for the email should be AppIcon-{YourAppBuilder app name}

Take pictures of the 3 most important screens in your app. For mac, use the process here - https://www.itg.ias.edu/content/keyboard-shortcuts-capture-screen-shot-mac-os-x. For windows, use the process here - https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-screenshot-on-windows#:~:text=Press%20the%20Windows%20key%20%2B%20Shift%20%2B%20S.&text=You%20can%20drag%20to%20select,can%20paste%20into%20another%20program. Send these pictures to vacsubmittedapps@gmail.com with the subject line ScreenShots-{AppBuilderProjectName}

goTolink to another pagegoTo(pageNameAsString) -> returns void


filterfilters array down to elements that contain a certain phrasefilter(list_name_as_variable, phrase_as_string) -> returns a list


filter_list_of_objsfilters a list of objects to a new list, where columns match a certain valuefilter_list_of_objs(list_name_as_variable, columnNameAsString, expectedValue) -> returns a list


filter_obj_by_phrasefilters a list of objects to ones where the value in a column match a certain phrasefilter_obj_by_phrase(list_name_as_variable, columnNameAsString, phraseAsString) -> returns a list


findInArrayOfObjectsSearch an array of objects for one that matches a certain value for a certain columnName.findInArrayOfObjects(list_name_as_variable, search_obj) - > returns the first objec thtat matches if there is a match, returns false otherwise


uniquecreate a new version of a list, without duplicatesunique(nameOfDatabaseAsVariable) -> returns a list


shuffleshuffles a list, returning the listshuffle(list) -> returns a list

No pic

unique_return_one_keyreturns a version of a database containing only values from one column, and only unique valuesunique_return_one_key(databaseNameAsVariable,columnNameAsString) -> returns a list


randomreturns a random number between 0 and a number you chooserandom(highestPossibleNumberAsNumber) -> returns a number
textToSpeechreads some text in a robot voicetextToSpeech(text to read) -> returns nothing
filter_list_of_objs_multiple_keysfilter a list of objects with a filter object; returns the subset of the arr that match all the columns in the matching objectfilter_list_of_objs_multiple_keys(listNameAsVariables,MatchingObjectAsObject) -> returns a list
cloneclones a list, creating a new listclone(listNameAsVariables) -> returns a list
saveTosave a row to a databasesaveTo(nameOfDatabaseAsString, rowToPushAsObject) -> returns void


updateDatabaseupdate all the database rows that match a rowupdateDatabase(nameOfDatabaseAsString, databaseRowToChangeAsObject, databaseChangeToMakeAsObject) -> returns void


GAME FUNCTIONS (Useful for creating simple 2d games)
runWithIntervalrun a Javascript function repeatedly, every X second

runWithInterval(JavascriptToRunAsString, millisecondsIntervalAsNumber) -> returns a codestring that can be used to stop the function running

clearIntervalstops a function run with runInterval

clearInterval(codeAsString) -> returns void

createElementcreates an element in the app. First argument is "button", "image", or "text". Second is an object defining the style. Example {top:"50%",color:'red'} -> returns nothingcreateElement(elementNameAsString,styleAsObject) -> returns a number, which can be used with removeElement
removeElementremoves an element created using createElement. Argument is the id returned by createElement.createElement(codeAsNumber) -> returns void
removeOffScreenremoves all elements that are positioned off of the phone screen (useful for gaming)removeOffScreen() -> returns void
playplays musicplay(urlToMP3AsString) -> returns void
pausesPause all playing soundspause() -> returns void
Phone APIs
send_textSends Text from VAC Servers to phonesend_text(phoneNumberAsString,messageToSendAsString) -> returns void
user_textBrings up a pre-written text message on the users phone, to a given address, with a given messageuser_text(phoneNumberAsString,messageToSendAsString) -> returns void
user_emailBrings up a pre-written email on the users phone, to a given address, with a given messagesend_email(subjectAsString, emailAddressToEmailAsString,messageToSendAsString) -> returns void
read_textOn phone, reads given text out loud in AI voiceread_text(textToReadAsString) -> returns void
cache_dataSave a value to the phones memory, to retrieve latercache_data(keyAsString,value) -> returns void
retrieve_cacheRetrieves the value assigned to a key in the cacheretrieve_cache(keyAsString) -> returns value
clear_cacheClear all the data stored with cache_dataclear_cache() -> returns void
getLocationShows the users current location, lat and longgetLocation() -> returns void, part of an api to show location
monthA field that is always equal to the current Month (1 for January, 2 for February, etc)month
dayA field that is always equal to the current day in the monthday


Edit Mode On

Drag Mode On